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The name is derived from the French chartreuse through the Latin cartusia, of which the English "charterhouse" is a corruption.


Chartusian Life


The Carthusian Order History

Saint Bruno

Profession of Faith

Papal Message

Papal Visit


Carthusians and the Rosary


Corpus Christi

Not to proclaim saints, but to make them!

The Prayer of the Presence of God

Carthusian Liturgy

Prayers to the Most Holy Heart of Mary

Mary in the Life of the Carthusians

Differences in Charterhouses

Ascendente Domino

Carthusians Spirits


Monastic Profession

Monastic Vows

The Carthusian Statutes

Apostolic Constitution Umbratilem

Saints, Blesseds and Martyrs

The Litany of the Carthusian Martyrs

The Litany of the Carthusian Saints


The Emblem of the Carthusian Order

Chartreuse Liqueurs

Kartause Pleterje Products

Abba Bruno y los Padres del Desierto

Aqua Mirabilis

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