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The primitive Dominicans were befriended by the Carthusians, whom they greatly admired, supposedly received their Black Cappa and White Habit from the Carthusians and other customs, like the Venia, in token of their orientation to be contemplatives when not out on the road in the active apostolate.

St. Ignatius Loyola would have been a Carthusian had not the needs of the Church demanded he found the Society of Jesus. Again, built into Jesuit life was the idea that they devote themselves to solitary contemplation when "recharaging" in their "cells". Ignatius made it easy for Jesuits to pass to the Carthusians and Carthusians to the Jesuits. There is still a provision for Jesuits who become Carthusians to easily return to the Jesuits.

So, you have the Dominicans with a semi-monastic form of contemplative life taking inspiration from the Carthusians, as well as the Jesuits, with out the semi-monastic observance, also imitating the Carthusian contemplative life. St. Alphonsus di Ligouri of the Redemptorists, also had this Carthusian contemplative emphasis to the point of telling his religious, "Redemptorists in the apostolate and Carthusians when at home". Of course, St. John of the Cross and Fr. Antonio of Jesus, OCD, both had been permission to join the Carthusians until intercepted by St. Teresa of Avila to help her with her discacled reform the Carmelites. Thus, a number of Orders have Carthusian connections or inspirations, to the glory of God and the salvation of souls.


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