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A day in the life of a Carthusian

This is a timetable of a typical week-day for a cloister monk. An average day which will vary from house to house, from monk to monk, and from one day to another. In grey are the conventual Offices in the Chapel.

Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers et Complines name the Offices which punctuate the day. Each canonical Office is accompanied (either preceeded or followed) by the Office of Our Lady, the Virgin Mary.

11:30pm  Rise - Prayer in Cell This nocturnal prayer in solitude is particularly appreciated by many.
0:15am  Matins followed by Lauds In the Chapel. This office last two to three hours depending on the day or the Feast.
  Lauds of Our Lady In cell. Praise to God with the Virgin Mary. Then back to sleep.
6:30am  Rise The time is approximate. To be ready for Prime.
7:00am  Prime - Angelus After the Angelus, the time is consecrated to Prayer or Lectio Divina (e.g. prepartion of the Mass readings).
8:00am  Conventual Mass  In the Chapel. 
  Thanksgiving - Lectio Divina Lectio Divina is a meditative reading of the Bible. This time can also be used for prayer.
10:00am  Terce Approximatively every two hours an Office is recited : Terce is one of them.
  Study or Manual Work No manual work before Terce. It can be done morning and afternoon, or all at once.
12:00am  Angélus - Sext  Recitation of the Office of Sext
  Meal- Recreation The time of recreation may be employed freely. reading, working, gardening, or enjoying the sun.....when it shines.
2:00pm  None  Recitation of the Office of None
  Manual Work (1hr) Study The time accorded to each depends on the individual in negociation with his Superior. (Prior or Novice Master)
4:00pm  Vespers of Our Lady Praise to God with the Virgin Mary.
4:15pm  Vespers  In Church
  Collation - Reading - Prayer Reading of the Bible, a spiritual writer, or other appropriate material. The collation is a light meal, taken any time between Vespers and Complines. 
6:45pm  Angélus - Complines  Recitation of Complines, the last Office of the day.
7:30pm  Bedtime Advisable before 8:00pm. 


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