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Friendship with man is impossible without friendship with God. Men cannot be brothers unless they have God as their common father, and God is not a Father unless he has a Son, acording to whose Image we are made and in whose Spirit we are quickened and united.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to come to Holy Family?
Today, the Catholic Faith is in crisis. Most Catholic Churches now provide a narrative liturgy, and reduce this "liturgy" to the celebration of  a mere meal - a worship service no different from Martin Luther's Reformed Mass.
The Mass is the sacred re presenting....from the eternal now of Our Lord's death on Calvary. For Luther, the Mass is firstly the liturgy of the Word and secondly a Communion. It is a sacrifice of praise,that is, an act of praise, of thamksgiving, but not an expiatory sacrifice which recreates the Sacrifice of Calvary and applies its merits.
The Missal of Paul VI has adopted precisely these same concepts and principles. The Mass used by the Church today no longer makes reference to the propitiatory Sacrifice, but rather to the Liturgy of the Word, to the Lord's Supper and to the breaking of the bread, or to the Eucharist.
There is nothing more essential to the survival of the Catholic Church than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; to play it down is to threaten the very foundation of Chirst's Church. The whole of Christian life, and the priesthood, is founded upon the cross, and the reenactment of the Sacrifice of the cross upon the altar.

Are the faithful who attend Holy Family in schism?
Under the pretext of a false charity intended to unite all men, religious differences have been deliverately glossed over or even totally ignored in contempt of the Truth, which is the Word Incarnate, Our Lord Jesus Christ. All the errors and consequences of the Modernism, Naturalism, and Liberalism are to be feared. Prtotestantism conveys them all, and is the source of them all. In order to arrive at this ecumenical reconciliation or reunion with Protestants and other world religions, the Catholic Church has been willing to sacrifice the digity of Peter, the dignity of the Catholic Episcopate, the dignity of the Priesthood, and, above all, the mystical treasure of the canonized liturgy, the Sacrifice, and the Sacraments. All is being sold away cheaply for the sake of the empty dream of a unity conceived in error and lies. Obedience in such a case can only consist in the denial of Faith. It is impossible in psychological, pastoral, and theological terms for Catholics (laity or clergy) to abondon a Liturgy, which has always been the True Expression and substenance of their faith, and adopt in its place new rites conceived by heretics without exposing this Faith to the most serious peril. One cannot imitate Protestantism indefinitely without becoming Protestant.

Do the Holy Family parishoners reject the Pope?
It is a long-standing teaching of the Catholic Church that St. Peter was given the keys to the Kingdom of God. At Holy Family, all the dogmas of the Catholic faith are embraced. Holy Family, professes filial devotion and loyalty to the papacy. The faithful pray for His Holiness and for all Catholic bishops at every Mass that is said.

Has the Traditional Latin Mass been Prohibted?
Pope St. Pius V in his Papal Bull "Quo Primum", 1570 in perpetuity, canonized the Latin Tridentine Mass. This Mass can''t be revoked or modified in any way without bringing down the wrath of Almighty God upon the Church. the Mass as we know it has remained substantially unchanged since the time of the Apostles. As recently as January 2001, Cardinal Hoyos, a Prefect within the Curia, proclaimed that the Traditional Latin Mass was never prohibited. It is a valid Mass of the Roman rite. All who attend fulfill their Sunday obligation.
This was all reaffirmed in the Apostolic Letter "Motu Proprio" of Pope Benedict XVI released in 2007 entitled Summorum Pontificum.

Why is the Mass in Latin?
How do I know what's going on? The Mass is in Latin in order to preserve the sacred words of tha Mass that was sanctified in the 1500's by Saint Pope Pius V in his encyclical "Que Primum." Latin ensures tha tthe words remain constant as opposed to the "ad-libbing" done today. In the back of the Church, there are Mass booklets that allow you to follow along with the priest. These books, are similar to librettos that one receives at an opera, allow you to follow along in English. Nevertheless, one may follow the Mass by saying the Rosary or just praying quietly.

Will I notice any difference?
Most newcomers to Holy Family will notice the tabernacle being on the Main Altar. The tabernacle, which houses Our Lord, should always be our primary focus. We maintain a proper decorum. You will notice people praying quietly, perhaps saying the Rosary or in a line at the Confessional in the rear of the Church. You will notice many, many young families and the beautiful children. There is a profound respect for the language of God, which is silence.

How does one receive Holy Communion at Holy Chapel?
Initially, it is necessary to be in the State of Grace before receiving Holy Communion. In addition to being in a state of grace, communicants must be baptized and believe in the Divine Presence as Catholics believe. The congregation kneels at the communion rail and receives on the tongue. Since only the priest's hands are consecrated, only he may touch the consecrated Host with his hands. Communion in the hand and under both species is a Protestant practice instituted by Martin Luther.

Why do womaen cover their heads, and what are the books many people read?
It is a long-standing tradition of the Catholic Church that women cover their heads. This is a sign of honor and respect. many wear a mantilla. Although it is custom, it is not a requirement. As to the books, these are Missals.

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