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Blessed Miguel Pro 1st Class Relic

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Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.
Viva Cristo Rey !




first-class relic, de ossibuis suis

Blessed Miguel Pro was born in Mexico, January 13, 1891. He grew up in a large family with six brothers and sisters.  Inspired by two of his sisters who entered the religious life at the age of twenty. Miguel entered the Jesuit order at the Hacienda El Llano so that he may devote his life to the service of God.  He was ordained a priest in Belgium on August 21, 1925.  

In 1926, Father Pro returned to Mexico at a time in which the Catholic Church faced great opposition. Any Catholic priest who would dare to continue to serve the sacraments such as communion, baptism, confession, confirmation and marriage risked persecution, torture, arrest and even execution! While the solders and the police had their guns and rifles, Father Pro had the greatest of all weapons as he had once stated in reference to the crucifix.

November 1927, Father Pro, along with his brother Humberto, without due process or trial, were condemned to die though they were innocent of any crime.  They were only guilty of being Catholic priests.

On the morning of November 23, 1927, Father Pro was led from his cell to the location of his execution. It did not matter to the police and soldiers that beyond the wall, within earshot, a man was shouting that he had in his hands a stay of execution that would free the brothers.  The shouts were ignored and Father Pro was lead to his death. As he was led to death, one of the policemen responsible for his capture asked for his forgiveness which Father Pro freely gave. Just minutes before he was to be executed, Father Pro asked to be able to pray as a last request.  During this short amount of time, he kneeled upon the hard, uncomfortable ground, near the bullet-riddled wall where he would soon be executed. In submission to God's will, he accepted his fate, stood up, stretched his arms out wide in the shape of the cross in preparation for his death.  After forgiving his executors, and as the squad raised its weapons, Father Pro shouted in a clear, yet loud voice: Viva Cristo Rey!" With humility and bravery, Father Pro met his martyrdom.

On September 25, 1988, Pope John Paul II beatified Father Pro.

We give a prayerful thanks to the Curia Generaizia della Compagnia de Gesu for their generous gift and trust of the above first-class relic, de ossibuis suis, together with the notice of validation of its authenticity signed by their Postulator General, S.J.

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