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Saint Mutien Marie Wiaux Relic

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Saint Mutien Marie Wiaux

Saint Mutien Marie Wiaux was also known as Louis Wiaux, Mutien Marie and The Praying Brother. He was born on 20 March 1841 in Belgium. One of six chidren of a blacksmith whose family was noted for piety. Attended a small country school, and then helped in his father's shop. Joined the Brothers of Christian Schools on 7 April 1852 at age 11, taking the name Muiten Marie. Taught at several elementary schools near Brussels; he was so easy on his students that his classes were known for getting out of hand. Reassigned to music and art classes so he could work with small classes, and work individually with students. He soon became an excellent fine arts teacher, and the one-to-one work led many young people to see and follow his excellent example of a holy life devoted to prayer.

The Praying Brother died on 30 January 1917 of natural causes. He was beatified on 30 October 1977 by Pope Paul VI and canonized on 10 December 1989 by Pope John Paul II.

This Relic is a Piece of his Coffin

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