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St. Francis de Sales noted, every moment comes to us out of eternity pregnant with the possibility of Divine Union in and through whatever, with whomever and at wherever it is that God has us.

Each moment is the golden opportunity to Love Him in living and doing His Will for us. Then that moment plunges back into eternity as whatever we have chosen to make it.

Since Love for God and All in Him is the Meaning, every moment is the moment of Love. This incredibly simple and direct, but it makes all the difference!

Make Love your sole occupation, in everything you say, think, will, desire, and do, make it an Act of Love. Then you will have perfect union with God because you will be perfectly like Him as He is, and is being Himself fully in you,, with you, through you, for you. This is the inner reality of every Carthusian Saint, and should be the proximate goal of every Christian in any state of life or vocation.

So, turn necessity into a virtue, by turning everything in your life into an act of love. If necessary, make frequent, intentional acts of love, offering the actions and movements of you daily life to God as love gifts. Everything is an offering except what is sinful per se, but even our grief and repentance over our sins is a love offering and a love gift.

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