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Holy Relics Glossary
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Definitions of the most commonly used words:
     applicasse et Lanceae Domini cuspidi - touched to the Holy Spear
     applicasse et Sudarri Veronicae - touched to the Veil of Veronica
     applicasse et vivicae Crucise - Touched to the True Cross
     arca mortuaria - mortuary box, container
     arca sepulerali- coffin
     beatae mariae virginis, B.V.M. - Blessed Virgin Mary
     breviario - breviary
     coronse spinse D.N.J.C. - crown of thorns of Our Lord Jesus Christ
     [cravio] corporis - body
     de velo - from the veil
     domini nostri jesu christi, D.N.J.C. - Our Lord Jesus Christ
     domo - house
     ex bireto - from the biretta
     ex capillus - from the hair
     ex capsa - coffin, also see capsa funeralis
     ex carne - from the flesh
     ex cineribus - from the ashes
     ex indumentes - of the vestment
     ex indumentis - pieces of cloth that has touched a 1st or 2nd class Relic
     ex indumento - from the clothing
     ex ligneo pulvere, mixto pulveri corporis, quem residuum continebat prima
         capsa funeralis - from the remains of the wood, mixed with the dust
         of the body, the residue of which was contained in the first box,
         [or sarcophagus]
     ex ossibus - from the bones
     ex pallio - from the cloak
     ex pelle - from the skin
     ex pluviali - cope [ cloak wore for Benediction ]
     ex praecordis - from the stomach or intestines
     ex praesepis - birthplace of D.N.J.C.
     ex sepulerali - coffin
     ex spongia - from the sponge
     ex sportula - from the little basket
     ex stipite affixionis - probably means "from the whipping post"
     ex strato - from the covering [ blanket ]
     ex subucula - of the tunic
     ex tela serica quae tetigit cor - from the silk cloth which touched the heart
     ex tunica - from the tunic
     ex velo - of the veil
     mensae coenae D.N.J.C. - the room where the Last Supper took place
     sindonis D.N.J.C. - from the burial shourd of Our Lord

Initial that follow the name to which the relic belongs:

     AP. - Apostle
     C. - Confessor
     D. - Doctor of the Church
     E. - Bishop
     EV. - Evangelist
     F. - Founder of Order
     Lev. - Deacon
     M. - Martyr
     Poen. - Penitent
     PP. - Pope
     Sp. - Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
     Reg. - King or Queen
     V. - Virgin
     V.M. - Blessed Virgin Mary
     Vid. - Widow

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